Don’t Worry Just Woop! Woop!  It’s Woop Woop the Bear who refuses to be left on the shelf. 

Don’t Worry Just Woop! Woop!  It’s Woop Woop the Bear who refuses to be left on the shelf. 


Woop Woop Bear is back & he means business! 

Woop Woop, Sir Norman Wisdom, DJ Mark Collins, Paul Martin, Danny Wallace, Betsy Andrews
Woop Woop, Sir Norman Wisdom, DJ Mark Collins, Paul Martin, Danny Wallace, Betsy Andrews

The true story of a scruffy old bear who makes the seemingly impossible, possible!

Woop Woop is a bear who lives on a small island off the south coast of England called the Isle of Wight. But, back in 2005 the scruffy old bear who was determined not to be left on the shelf forever caught the media’s attention and captured the hearts and imagination of people worldwide by embarking on a solo adventure across the globe. With the help of fun-loving strangers he started having some extraordinary adventures and made friends with amazing individuals including some celebrities such as Danny Wallace and the legendary Sir Norman Wisdom.

Woop Woop's remarkable true story shows us our world can be a truly magical and fun place when we are brave enough to open our minds to new experiences and embrace the spirit of fun and adventure.

Join Woop Woop on his latest extraordinary adventures and discover how even the smallest acts of kindness can create good vibes and natural highs that can ripple across the globe.

NEW for the Summer of 2023 

COMING SOON - Woop Woop wants to collaborate with good folk on the Isle of Wight to spread some “Good Vibes and Natural Highs” across the Island and beyond. 

He is also embarking on a wild challenge to see if it is possible for a bear with no brains to become a Fun-trepreneur! 

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Thinking outside the toybox

Woop Woop Thinking Outside The Toy Box
Woop Woop Thinking Outside The Toy Box
  • Is it possible for a old teddy bear to become a Fun-trepreneur? 
  • Can Woop Woop start a business with zero funds? 
  • Is Woop Woop too soft to run a successful business? 
  • Can Woop Woop get Richard Branson to become his Bearsiness Partner? 
  • Why not join Woop Woop and become a Fun-trepreneur too?

Follow Woop Woop’s Real Life Fun-trepreneur Adventures Here, or…. if you’re brave enough join in! 

Prepare to embark on a journey like no other, where imagination meets innovation, and fuzzy dreams turn into reality.

Woop Woop isn't your average bear. While others may see limitations, he sees endless possibilities. With a twinkle in his dark glass eyes and a heart full of determination, Woop Woop is setting out to prove that anyone, even a well-loved teddy bear, can start a business from scratch, even without a single coin in his pocket.

Armed with nothing but his wit, resourcefulness, and boundless enthusiasm, Woop Woop dives headfirst into the exciting world of entrepreneurship, determined to turn his ideas into success. He's not looking for a handout; he's looking to showcase the power of ingenuity, perseverance, and the willingness to think outside the toy box.

Through his extraordinary journey, Woop Woop aims to inspire dreamers of all ages, showing them that even without a financial head start, passion and creativity can pave the way to greatness. Join him as he discovers unconventional methods of bootstrapping, forms partnerships with imaginative minds, and finds innovative ways to bring his vision to life.

Get ready to cheer for Woop Woop as he faces the challenges of building a business with zero funds. Witness how he creatively navigates the world of limited resources, turning obstacles into opportunities, and proving that success can be achieved even on the tightest of budgets.

So, my friends, fasten your seatbelts, tighten your bow ties, and get ready for a business journey like no other. Together, let's follow Woop Woop's pawprints and discover the enchanting world of entrepreneurship, where big ideas can come from the smallest and most unexpected of creatures, even when starting with nothing but a heart full of determination.

Remember, in the magical realm of Woop Woop, dreams have no limits, and with a little bit of imagination, determination, and a dash of whimsy, anything is possible!

Get ready to unleash your inner bear and join Woop Woop on his extraordinary entrepreneurial quest, where dreams take flight, even without a single penny to spare!